Speech of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev at the ceremony of the foundation of the Diplomatic Complex in Baku - July 29, 1994

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, is one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Building  great architectural monuments is one of the factors that ensures this beauty. We are proud of the monuments which remain from the 12th and 13th centuries to our time. Some significant architectural monuments have been built in Baku in the 20th century.

Every monument has its peculiar function and position. These buildings are not only monuments but also they serve to certain objectives. Architectural beauty of each building has transformed the capital Baku into appealing city. We are proud of Baku and of every monument which is inherited from our ancestors.

It is known that, in the 20th century there has been an extensive construction work in Baku. You will recall that huge buildings and monuments were built in Baku in the 1970s which adorned and gave a special charm to our city. Unfortunately construction of such buildings and monuments got stuck and even stopped recently.

In recent years, it is almost the first occasion we gather for this event. The remarkable feature is that the foundation of the site is laid in the capital of the independent Azerbaijan. Baku has always been the capital of Azerbaijan. But now Baku is the capital of independent Azerbaijan. Independent Azerbaijan which confronted with numerous economic and social problems in a difficult transitional period is not equipped to conduct extensive construction works.

I believe our people will preserve the buildings and monuments which were built in Baku and other regions of our country up to now. I have no doubt that year after year we will strengthen our independence, and we will have the opportunity to construct new architectural monuments in Baku and in other cities of Azerbaijan.

The building which foundation is laid today is the diplomatic center. As I have said this is the first large building which is constructed in recent years. Another significance of this building is that the construction of this facility is a symbol of friendship and brotherly relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan.

After independence, the relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan have evolved in positive directions. We always appreciate it. Turkey is a friendly and brotherly country to us. Friendly relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey hold a special place today and will hold in future. Although still much has been done to demonstrate these relations, but unfortunately such construction works have not been carried out. This building is one of the cares taken by Turkey towards Azerbaijan, especially the capital Baku. This building is constructed through a special credit allocated to Azerbaijan by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey. I have repeatedly expressed my attitude to solving this issue in the talks and meetings with the Turkish Foreign Minister Hikmet Cetin. I consider it my duty to say that the Turkish Foreign Minister Hikmet Cetin has done much to implement this project. I am sure that his work will always be reflected in the life of Azerbaijan.

Ambassador of Turkey to Azerbaijan Altan Karamanoglu has just said that yesterday dear Hikmet Cetin resigned. But he is a great friend of our country. I said it once again when I spoke to him on the phone yesterday.  I regard  the construction of this building as a friendly attitude of the Turkish Republic towards Azerbaijan. I consider it a special care of the Turkish President, my friend and brother  Suleyman Demirel. It is a special care of Prime Minister of Turkey Tansu Ciller towards Azerbaijan. As I have mentioned Minister of Foreign Affairs Hikmet Cetin has performed special services. I would like to thank and honor the leaders of the Turkish Republic who participated in this project on behalf of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Turkish construction company will build this building. The project of the building has also been made by this company. I was briefed about this project in advance and now when I watch it I can clearly see  that our desires have been  reflected in it. Interior and exterior of the building of the diplomatic center, which construction has already begun, corresponds to the traditions of architectural art of Azerbaijan. But today once again I want to ask builders and architects not only to preserve this line but also to enrich and develop it. I have just said to the president of the company that I will personally supervise it. Completion of the construction on time, the quality of building, its compliance to international standards as well as a full reflection of the architectural arts of Azerbaijan are of the main conditions. I hope that these conditions will be fulfilled.

As you know, I was the initiator of the construction of many buildings and architectural and historical monuments in Azerbaijan as well as in Baku. I feel happy because I took part in this, and because these buildings are suitable for today and for the future. As the head of an independent state, I have been involved in laying the foundation of a new building, an architectural monument in Azerbaijan, in Baku. I am very pleased with this, and I hope that if this is the first step, of course, that will be successful and lasting. By solving economic and social problems of independent Azerbaijan, by getting our republic from the current crisis and the state of war, and by ensuring the independence, territorial integrity and inviolability of borders, we will try to construct new buildings and architectural monuments in all our cities and towns. I am confident that we will provide it, we will achieve this.

Today\'s event is the first step towards what we intend to do in future. So I appreciate it, and by coming to the construction site I want to give my blessing to the construction of this building. I am confident that our meeting, our solemn undertaking will ensure success and an accelerated pace of work.

In the old days we did not exactly pay attention to placing the memo on the foundation of buildings. We thought that if we build any building, it is clear that this is for the benefit of the people; a memo was submitted to the foundation only some of the buildings constructed before. We did not do it in order that when the buildings would collapse these stones to come out of the earth\'s surface but to record all those buildings in history.

Considering the construction of this building important in such a difficult period of independent Azerbaijan, I want to sign the letter and put it on the foundation as a reminder. As we are faithful to the national, moral and religious traditions of Azerbaijan, of course, this memorial will ensure the success of the construction of this building.

Today I would like to thank everyone who participated in the preparatory work in the construction of the building. I congratulate the Turkish company, our brothers from Turkey and all those gathered here. I want to express my confidence that this step will be necessary and useful for the socio-economic development of independent Azerbaijan.

Once again I congratulate all of you. I wish success to workers. I am fully confident that this company will fulfill its promise in practice.

\"Azerbaijan\" newspaper, July 30, 1994.