Qaraqoyunlu state

\"\"The Qaraqoyunlu Oghuz tribes, who took part in the formation of the Azerbaijani people in VI - VII centuries, participated in the military and political life of this state. In the spring of 1408, the head of the Qaraqoyunlu tribal federation Qara Yusif defeated the Timurid troops and drove them out of Azerbaijan. Afterwards the struggle between Qara Yusif and Sultan Ahmad Jalairid over the power in Azerbaijan started. In August 1410, Qara Yusif defeated Sultan Ahmad near Tabriz and executed him.A new Azerbaijani state of Qaraqoyunlu (1410-1467) emerged in the area south to the Kura. Its capital was Tabriz. In different periods, the territory of the state included not only the Southern Azerbaijan, but a also part of Georgia, Armenia, Kurdistan, Iraq, and the Western Iran. The Qaraqoyunlu state fell at the end of 1467 and a new entity named Aqqoyunlu led by Uzun Hassan rose on its ruins.