To the families of the victims of the Khojaly genocide - March 1, 1994

Dear Khojaly people! Dear compatriots!

Two years ago, on February 26, 1992 the world witnessed an unparalleled ferocity in the city of Khojaly. The Armenian military forces destroyed Khojaly besieged for months. The helpless civilians were massacred with brutality. There was no mercy to the babies, the old, the women and the children. The Khojaly massacre which was committed against the Azerbaijani people is an unparalelled act of ferocity in the history of humankind with its brutality and anti-humanism. It is a crime against to the whole makind at the same time.

Our moral and physical loss is too much. Unfortunately, all recent events, anarchy, political ambitions, indifference to our national destiny, political games, conflicts between political groups have played a role in the tragic events in the country. Consequently, black pages have been written to our history, our people have suffered from the tragedy. The law-enforcement bodies of the republic lead a work to disclose who are guilty. You may be sure that everybody shall be charged for the committed crime.

Everything has an end in the world, it concerns the war we wage, too. I want to assure our people that the day of the real independence of our homeland and the liberation of the occupied territories is not so far. Together we shall be able to pass this hard examination victoriously, and everyone will return home.

With the decision of the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan, February 26, was declared the \"Day of Khojaly massacre and national mourning\"; all the international organizations were informed about it. Today the innocent victims of Khojaly are remembered in every corner of our country. I express my condolence to their relatives and the entire Azerbaijani people.

May all our martyrs rest in peace.

Heydar Aliyev,
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Translated from the newspaper \"Azerbaycan\", March 2, 1994