Speech of the Azerbaijan President Heydar Aliyev in the solemn ceremony devoted to Day of the oilmen - September 22, 2001

Dear oilmen!

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Dear guests!

I congratulate you with my heart on a professional holiday of oilmen - Day of the oilmen. I wish the Azerbaijan oilmen of happiness and successes in the further activities.

Day of the oilmen was scheduled on September 20. It was determined at the request and desire of oilmen. And it is completely not casual, as on September 20, 1994 in a petroleum industry of Azerbaijan the new era began. It was started practical realization of new oil strategy of the independent Azerbaijan state. Therefore, I congratulate all of you on the 7-th anniversary of "the Contract of the century", representing great value for the future of Azerbaijan. I want to express hope that together with the oil companies possessing a wide experience, high techniques and technology, and other companies of the world with which we conduct teamwork, we shall successfully pass a new oil era which foundation has been laid down by "the Contract of the century".

However, in the petroleum industry of Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijan oilmen have great, rich and honorable history. People have found out oil since the most ancient times in Azerbaijan. However, they used these huge riches by various ways - in some cases they did not know how to extract, and sometimes for lack of any means and techniques in those days. Therefore Azerbaijan is named ancient oil land. Azerbaijan is called "the land of fires". It is not casual that in the center of the National Emblem of the independent Azerbaijan state fire is represented: that is the biggest property of Azerbaijan and fire received from it.

However, 150 years ago in Azerbaijan - in Baku the oil production by the industrial way for the first time began. These first steps have attracted many countries of the world and people, which already have invented at that time engines, other technical means, to Azerbaijan. Thus, 150 years ago for the first time in the world the oil recovery in the industrial way began in our country. However, conditions of that period, naturally, could not create opportunities for carrying out of this work by the accelerated rates. But although, from the historical point of view the companies, experts, scientists of the western countries developed for very short time, have arrived in Azerbaijan for large-scale use of the Azerbaijan oil, and thus the large-scale oil recovery in the industrial way already began in Azerbaijan.

Probably, all know, as far as the Azerbaijan oil has had great value not only for our country, for Russian empire in which structure we have been in those years, but also for the entire world. However, there is one parameter, testifying that the basis of manufacture of oil in the world and its uses in various spheres has really been founded in Azerbaijan.

In the beginning of XX century in Azerbaijan it has been extracted 13 million tons of oil. And it made more than half of the oil extracted all over the world. That is, when we speak all over the world in those days, it is necessary to mean the USA. 13 million tons - in Azerbaijan, 11 million tons - in the United States of America, about 1 million tons - in Romania. Nowhere it was known about the presence of oil, oil deposits were not reconnoitered and the oil recovery was not started. Therefore with feeling of boundless pride we mark that the beginning of the oil production being natural riches of Azerbaijan, in the industrial way has caused one of the reasons of the large transformations which have occurred subsequently all over the world.

The rich history of a petroleum industry of Azerbaijan consists of several stages. The first stage can be considered the period from 1848 till 1918-1920.

At this time, as I have already noted, the largest companies of the western countries worked in Azerbaijan, extracted oil and were engaged in processing of crude oil. They have achieved reception of other products from crude oil.

Alongside with the foreign companies representatives of the national bourgeoisie of Azerbaijan which have appeared at that time of Azerbaijan were engaged in this work as well.

After 1918-1920 the foreign companies, naturally, have not acted any more here - in Azerbaijan, in a petroleum industry. That is to say, in connection with events occurred in 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920 they have left from here, and, it is possible to tell, there started the second stage of history of a petroleum industry of Azerbaijan. This work was carried out at that time by the USSR. It is possible to tell that in 1920-1930 due to heroic work of the Azerbaijan oilmen and as a result work and inventions of the national staff, experts, scientists of Azerbaijan which have been prepared already at that time, the oil recovery in Azerbaijan promptly developed.

If we recollect that period, it was the period of transformation of the USSR in which we in the past lived, from the agrarian country to industrial-agrarian country. Naturally, overwhelming part of the USSR was made by Russia. Till this time it, as well as in the past, remained the agrarian country. Subsequently in 1920-1930, naturally, attempts of development of the industry were undertaken, plans of transformation of the country to the agrarian and industrial or industrial-agrarian country were planned and carried out. This period played a special role in the petroleum industry of Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, at that time and during the period previous to it, the Azerbaijan people could not use completely oil, these natural riches, given to them by the God, for themselves, own interests, more precisely, they have had insignificant part of these riches. But at the same time during this period Azerbaijan people, the Azerbaijan oilmen have played extremely big role in development of the industry both in Azerbaijan, and the USSR.

Without the Azerbaijan oil, naturally, achievements of such large state, as the USSR, would be impossible in development of the industry because during this period oil has attached the great value. Due to all this in 1940 the oil recovery in Azerbaijan reached the highest level, it was extracted 24-25 million tons of oil. At that time oil was extracted on land.

Along with all the biggest advantage which Azerbaijan has brought to the Soviet state, consists that in the second world war - when the fascism representing the biggest threat for humanity, dictated the conditions to all countries and peoples when its hordes, it is possible to tell, completely having occupied Europe, have moved on the East, the oil extracted by the Azerbaijan oilmen, the Azerbaijan people, various products received from its processing were the main condition for work of tanks, planes, automobiles, etc. in this terrible war. Those years Azerbaijan gave 75 percent of oil extracted in the USSR. It is also in fact and repeatedly at various levels admitted that in heavy military conditions if there had not been Azerbaijan oil, heroism of Azerbaijan people and the Azerbaijan oilmen it would be very difficult to stop German fascism.

This period is one of the brightest pages in history of a petroleum industry of Azerbaijan, history of Azerbaijan people, the Azerbaijan oilmen. This must not be forgotten. We should try that it will never be forgotten.

Today sequences are stored in some archives. To tell the truth, it is not enough of them. But sometimes they are shown. I think that in the second part of our today's ceremony they will be demonstrated to us. For example, an oil recovery in the beginning of a century on oil wells - some pictures at the exhibition submitted today reflected it - was carried out by the extremely primitive ways. Even after 100 years it is impossible to think without a pain in heart that Azerbaijanis day and night extracted oil, working in this black oil, a dirty, in heavy conditions. It concerns that period. But let’s take the subsequent period - 20, 30, 40th years of XX century. At that time all Azerbaijan has already been mobilized on development of a petroleum industry.

Naturally, from other regions of the USSR the necessary equipment for development of a petroleum industry has been brought. But the main work was carried out here. It was put into practice by the Azerbaijan people, the heroic Azerbaijan oilmen.

One of the brilliant pages in history of a petroleum industry, oilmen of Azerbaijan is that in 1949 it was begun the oil extraction from sea depths in Caspian Sea at a distance of 100 kilometers from coast. It, naturally, was done not for one day. Therefore, speaking about it, we first of all should not forget work of our scientists, geologists, skilled oilmen, experienced workers. Since then there has passed 50 years. It is necessary to remember them. As a whole what were conditions at that time in the world, in what conditions lived Azerbaijan, what techniques, the equipment we had? All this has been extremely limited. However, in 1949 again for the first time in the world on Caspian Sea the oil recovery from sea depths began. For short time there, on Oil Stones, the big small town has been constructed. Each oilman considered honor to work on Oil Stones. And notwithstanding to work on the sea was many times more difficult, than on land.

As far as Caspian Sea is fine, so it is dangerous. Sometimes to define height of waves is not obviously possible. People working day and night on Oil Stones, have shown such selflessness to increase glory of the Azerbaijan oil.

Those years they were considered as island of miracles all over the world. Those years in the world there were not yet any idea that on the sea, on sea depths it was possible to extract oil. Therefore creation Oil Stones in Azerbaijan and a setting up big piers there, even construction of some houses for residing - all this has pushed scientists, experts of the world to investigations and discovering of oil and gas deposits on sea depths.

I remember my trip in those years and trip of many others to Oil Stones. First, all visitors coming to Azerbaijan, in particular, foreign visitors, by all means wanted to visit Oil Stones. Second, once again I repeat, each person working on Oil Stones was worthy of the highest respect. The person, not working there, not seeing them, not visiting there cannot imagine all this.

I remember, when we go to Oil Stones on the big ship for many times, such waves rose, that our ship could not moor about an hour. Here in such conditions people lived, worked. Oil Stones have considerably raised an oil recovery in Azerbaijan. After creation of Oil Stones searches of oil and gas deposits have begun by the accelerated rates on other sites of Azerbaijan in Caspian Sea.

It is necessary to note, as before it, scientists, oilmen, geologists of Azerbaijan carried out the researches connected to oil and gas deposits at the bottom of Caspian Sea, and conducted very valuable works.

Realization of all and in particular, once again I repeat, carrying out this work during this period at a then level of techniques, technology was extremely difficult. However occurrence of Oil Stones and extraction there huge quantity of oil focused the Azerbaijan oilmen, scientists on revealing of oil and gas deposits and in all other regions of Caspian sea, and they have done extremely important and valuable work in this area.

Today Caspian Sea, the Caspian regions are known all over the world. It is possible to tell, many countries of the world show the big interest to Caspian Sea and understand, as far as the great value it has for all world economy.

But where is the basis and root of all? Its root is in the work done by Azerbaijan people, the Azerbaijan oilmen. These are in the successes achieved by them. These are on the oil and gas deposits discovered by them. At last, all this has caused signing of "the Contract of the century" by us in 1994. Therefore Oil Stones take a special place in the history of Azerbaijan.

In 1999 the 50-anniversary of extraction of the first oil on Oil Stones was marked. Today Oil Stones, certainly, do not possess such capacity. All know that oil from these oil wells is not extracted in the same volume, it gets gradually reduced. However, the Azerbaijan oilmen, knowing about it very well, were not limited to extremely oil Stones, searched, revealed new and new deposits and began to exploit them. For example, since, as we have started an oil recovery on Oil Stones, to this day on the sea there has been extracted 476 million tons of oil. In 1971 we solemnly celebrated extraction of 1 billion tons of oil in history of a petroleum industry of Azerbaijan. Imagine, after the work started in 1850, in 1971 1 billion tons of rich natural resources of Azerbaijan - oil was extracted.

However, unfortunately, not all this 1 billion tons of oil belonged to Azerbaijan people. Azerbaijan people have had its only small part. The Azerbaijan oilmen, Azerbaijan people have worked, carried out huge work and brought in the big contribution to development of a petroleum industry all over the world. But they have not been owners of their own natural riches.

Thus, as it seems to me, in history of a petroleum industry of Azerbaijan the period since 1918-20 before finding of the state independence can be considered by Azerbaijan the second stage. However, each page of this history is equally dear to us irrespective of the fact which it was, what authority existed, in structure of what state we lived. As the biggest natural riches of Azerbaijan people were oil and gas, the oil and gas production has affected development of Azerbaijan and, naturally, development of the world economy. It has affected development of economy of such large state, as the USSR. But at the same time it has played the big role in development of Azerbaijan irrespective in structure of what state it was. Therefore, this history is honorable for us, it is very valuable for us, nothing should be forgotten and nobody should be forgotten.

If today I will speak about history it will need a lot of time. Therefore, I simply want to tell that an outstanding people which were taking part at all stages in creation, development of a petroleum industry in Azerbaijan, investigation of the new and new oil and gas deposits, done great work, shown the heroism, the large inventions which have presented to all world take remarkable place in our history. We will never forget them.

Today, on the tenth anniversary of independence of Azerbaijan and seventh anniversary of the beginning of a new oil era in Azerbaijan, we should express the great respect, esteem, gratitude to all generations of the Azerbaijan oilmen and declare that exactly due to the work done by them what huge potential of the oil and gas industry in Azerbaijan was created. And today it is the biggest, most valuable riches of independent Azerbaijan.

When we say that Azerbaijan is the oil country, anyway it does not mean that in Azerbaijan there was only a petroleum industry. The petroleum industry has laid a basis of creation and development of many other industries in Azerbaijan. We will take, for example, an engineering industry of Azerbaijan. Its largest part is factories of oil machine building. As it is known, in 1970th years the 70 percent of the oil equipment in Soviet Union was made at factories of oil machine building of Azerbaijan, and the petroleum industry was equipped with this equipment.

I have already told that development of a petroleum industry in Azerbaijan and the done work rendered positive influence on the world economy, have played the big role in the life of the Soviet state. But, it does not mean that only they have simply familiarized with our experience or have taken advantage of the incomes received from our oil extracting. No. The Azerbaijan oilmen, scientists due to the experience, knowledge, science have brought in the big contribution to investigation and development of oil and gas deposits to many regions of USSR. That is those years - 1930th years - they have been sent on official trips to other regions USSR. They took part in creation of such large oil centers as the Second Baku the Third Baku, the Fourth Baku there. It is also services of the Azerbaijan oilmen.

Today if you visit any oil-extracting region of Russia you will meet there many Azerbaijanis. They have gone there 30-40 years ago, located there, brought in the big contribution to this business and have already remained and live there. It excites in us feeling of pride. Therefore, Azerbaijanis, the Azerbaijan oilmen assist in providing of oil extracting in various regions of Russia, train them, exchange the experience. They love these regions, therefore live there. We are proud of it.

All this makes a basis of creation of large industrial, economic potential of Azerbaijan. Use of oil and oil productions in agriculture, other spheres, naturally, also is one of the factors providing economy of Azerbaijan.

But we are proud of that at the end of 1991 when we proclaimed our state independence, in spite of the fact that our country was living in the heaviest conditions, has overcome the big tests, Azerbaijan has come to this period, that is the period of declaration of independence with large economic, industrial, scientific and a mental potential. If there was no this history, there was no such past, if the work done during all this history did not render the influence on development of a science, culture in Azerbaijan people alongside with difficulties which we have faced during gaining independence, we could face still the big difficulties in the field of economy.

The last year we have marked 80-th anniversary of creation of Oil Academy in Azerbaijan. For last 80 years the Oil Academy has prepared the highly skilled staff not only for Azerbaijan, but also for all regions of the former USSR. It is an educational institution. However the work, which was carried out in the field of all petroleum industry of Azerbaijan, has given it the new name - the Azerbaijan Oil Academy.

On the basis of all there began the third stage in a petroleum industry in Azerbaijan. And it became possible after finding of the state independence by Azerbaijan and as its direct result.

Once again I note that creating new oil strategy, starting a new era of a petroleum industry of Azerbaijan, we possessed a more potential. People spoken here have told about it. Without it we would not manage to create oil strategy and to achieve such successes for short term.

It has been here completely fairly marked that, unfortunately, anarchy, chaos reigned in 1990-1993 in Azerbaijan, aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan, infringement of political stability - all this has led falling of economy of Azerbaijan into decay. Including the main branch - a petroleum industry making a basis of economy fell into decay. Some years were required to overcome this recession and to start the subsequent development. We achieved it only in 1995-1996. But it was insufficient for us, for independent Azerbaijan.

That is realization of work only within the limits of opportunities of Azerbaijan and providing of development of very rich oil and gas deposits - it was very difficult challenge for us. Therefore, we have founded new oil strategy and begun to develop it.

As I have already noted, for the first time in the world oil from sea depths has been extracted on Oil Stones. But later, after 25 years there started the oil and gas production from even big sea depths in many regions of the world. For this purpose it was necessary to involve the work having techniques and technology of the highest level. And it was not available in Azerbaijan. Therefore we did not have another way. We should have gone on this way. It was not only that we did not have other way. But also new oil strategy prepared by us in 1993-1994 did not carry extremely economic, a commerciality character. It was one of the main ways for integration of Azerbaijan into world economy. We already are alive witnesses of it. Our idea, our wishes were carried out for the expired seven years.

However to create and laying down a basis of oil strategy, to involve to Azerbaijan the companies possessing a wide experience, a more potential, large financial assets, was completely not easy process, not easy business. For this purpose it was necessary to put an end to anarchy, chaos reigned in Azerbaijan. For this purpose it was necessary to provide political stability in Azerbaijan. The conditions were necessary for safe, quiet work for each company in Azerbaijan. We perfectly knew about it. We knew and carried out this work in a complex. Yes, if in 1993 we did not start ensuring the political stability in Azerbaijan and not achieve it, naturally, the oil companies acting today in Azerbaijan would not arrive here. And our new oil strategy could remain as a hypothesis or the theory. Therefore the work done by us has provided political stability in Azerbaijan. They began to trust us. There launched inflow of investments to Azerbaijan.

In spite of the fact that from the end of 1993 till September, 1994 we were engaged in preparation of "the Contract of the century", it also passed in the extremely complex conditions as we did not possess sufficient experience in many questions. We could not come to a common opinion with the separate companies on a lot of questions. Within several months we have carried out all this, and the large-scale contract named "the Contract of the century" on September 20, 1994 was signed. It has made effect as the blown up bomb all over the world. It made the entire world know Azerbaijan again. At the same time it has shown that Azerbaijan was extremely favorable for foreign investments. Many were delighted to this, but some became sad. There were supporters, there were also opponents. But if we present all in aggregate, there were people who laid obstacles from abroad and inside the country to this work. Those from abroad, tried to prevent because they did not want development of Azerbaijan. They wanted to crumple, strangle Azerbaijan. It is clear and possible to understand them. But for those who were inside the country, having personal interests above all, they tried, sacrificed interests of the nation to their personal interests to prevent our work. As it is known, some days after signing the contract we have faced the big tragedies. Group of criminals were taken away. There were two acts of terrorism. After some days attempt of the armed revolution was carried out. But people already understood that, no, this way, a way which was selected by the Azerbaijan state, the President of Azerbaijan, was the truest way. Therefore people supported the state, supported us and we could repulse them.

The next years we have also faced set of difficulties, obstacles. Propagation against us has been conducting in a media of some countries till now. Naturally, they want again to blacken Azerbaijan on a global scale, using activity hostile to Azerbaijan or circles jealous it. They state judgments about absence of oil and gas resources in Azerbaijan in beforehand declared volume. It does not disturb us. At the same time it is a part of processes going in the world.

Today in the world there is a competition, a struggle. It does not worry us because we know what we do. We know a basis of our work. We know the truth. Otherwise we would deceive ourselves and others. It is not casually that for short time - about 5-6 years past since time of signing of "the Contract of the century", - 21 contracts were signed. 30 large oil companies from 14 countries act here. Simultaneously about 400 various foreign companies rendering services and possessing in very large potential work here. In all these companies over 10 thousand citizens, experts, youth of Azerbaijan have found good work for themselves. It is not only limited with these. Incomes are gained from the activity of each of these companies to treasury of Azerbaijan. We already receive profitable oil from execution of the first contract - "the Contract of the century". The oil fund has been founded. Today there has been collected more than 435 million dollars. All these are only initial works. I am sure that for these seven years we have proved, as far as the work done by us is useful to today and future of our people, nation, our citizens, and also we have gained the trust, authority all over the world.

These years we were engaged not only in oil and gas deposits. It is natural, if oil is extracted in great volumes, it is necessary for transporting on the world markets.

We have discovered the deposit of "Shadeniz". To tell the truth, it have been found out for a long time. That is already its development began. For short time it was found out that its stocks make more than 1 billion cubic meter gas. Today we, on the one hand, conduct work on deposit of "Shadeniz", and with another - searched and found a way for export of gas. We use already two export pipelines: Baku-Novorossiysk and Baku-Supsa. The main export oil pipeline is the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan. Having overcome the big difficulties and resistance we have achieved it. The Ankara declaration of 1998, the agreement and the declaration signed in 1999 in Istanbul, and then the commercial agreements signed between Turkey and Azerbaijan, Georgia and Azerbaijan, have allowed beginning to construction of oil pipeline of the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan.

This work began and will come to the end in 2004. In the beginning of 2005 the Azerbaijan oil on the oil pipeline of the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan, passing the long way through territory of Georgia and Turkey, will reach Mediterranean port Ceyhan and will be delivered to the port Ceyhan and the world market.

During my being in Turkey in March of this year with official visit we signed the agreement concerning export of gas. The negotiations with Georgia are underway. One of these days this agreement will be signed as well. Thus, we shall start construction of the special pipeline for export of gas so that while providing extraction of gas its export immediately will be provided.

On the one hand attraction of the large oil companies of the world to Azerbaijan, to Caspian sea, and on the other hand export of oil and gas to the European direction, - all this, once again I repeat, does not carry extremely economic, a commercial character. It is a political question. Once again I note that it is a basis of our integration into the West, the advanced countries. It simultaneously is a basis of a safety in our region. So, it at the same time is the important political question. We solve this question, this problem too.

All this work which is carried out by us on the basis of new oil strategy, is focused on the future. Today we already feel advantage of this work. I want to bring to you some figures. On the oil platform of "Chirag" it has been extracted and taken to the world markets of 16 million tons of oil. Azerbaijan has taken from there the oil profit. But it is the successes achieved only now. And in the future, imagine, only on deposits of "Azeri", "Chirag", and a deep-water part of deposit of "Guneshli" it is annually planned to extract 50-60 million tons of oil.

In all this work carried out in Azerbaijan it is planned to invest the capital in volume of 60 billion dollars. These, naturally, are not carried out for some days. Term of some of them - 2005, others - 2007, the third - 2010. Some provide even 2015. Thus, we now, on the one hand, create economic opportunities for present generations, and on the other hand we lay a basis of a happy, safe life of the future generations and we will put for them a rich heritage.

However, for successful realization of this work we should strengthen constantly the state construction in Azerbaijan. In Azerbaijan the democratic, legal, secular state has been already established, all authorities have been founded, economic, political, legal reforms have been implemented. They have brought the results, and henceforth these results will be even more powerful. We have selected this way and we will go on this way.

In Azerbaijan it is necessary to keep political stability. Some people try again to break stability. But it is in vain. Let they do not deceive themselves and do not misdirect true others. The political stability which has been established in Azerbaijan is strong, irreversible and eternal. It is one of the most important problems facing to us and the future generations. I think that we will cope with these problems with honor.

Today is very significant day. Today we mark achievements of oilmen. But in front of Azerbaijan there are problems not solved yet as well. There are very difficult affairs of Azerbaijan. There is a problem of ensuring of well-being of all strata of citizens of Azerbaijan. There is a problem of liberty of the occupied Azerbaijan territories, restoration of territorial integrity and returning more than one million persons, living in tents in position of refugees to their regions, to their native land, establishment of a new life on the ruined, devastated Azerbaijan grounds. Imagine, what huge work is necessary for Azerbaijan. It is already a lot of years we want to settle the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Mountainous - Garabag conflict, the problem which has arisen as a result of aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan in the peace way, by negotiations. However, we could not achieve it yet. But we will absolutely achieve it. We will achieve it by all means. People expelled from the native centers, will come back to their regions. Then the second stage will begin. They will return to the grounds, and houses, buildings, schools, roads, bridges, transport and infrastructure do not exist there. Nothing exists.

Imagine how much allocation is necessary for us in order we could conduct these works and provide people with normal conditions of a life after solving the said question. Imagine, what heavy load lays on our shoulders. And it is only a consequence of that Armenia, since 1988 showing claims on the ground to Azerbaijan, has started military aggression. It has not been prevented, and our country has faced such problems. But also it will be settled, I think these will remain behind as well.

Our most important problem is protection, preservation, strengthening, development of the state independence of Azerbaijan and to make it eternal. Our internal and foreign policy, including construction the legal, democratic, secular state in Azerbaijan, new oil strategy of Azerbaijan and delivery of the Azerbaijan oil, gas to the mentioned pipelines on the world markets is one of the major conditions to make the independence of Azerbaijan eternal. It is a guarantee of our independence. Therefore each honest citizen of Azerbaijan irrespective in what conditions he lives, should know that he is the happy person because it he is free, the owner of the country, lives in the independent state which is not being a colony or a part of other country. This is historical achievement. We should appreciate it. Each citizen should appreciate it and bring in the contribution to strengthening independence of Azerbaijan. There can be various problems, divergences in opinions. We live in the democratic country. We live in the country of a free press. But each citizen should know that strengthening of statehood in Azerbaijan, development of the legal, democratic state in Azerbaijan, and the main thing - preservation of independence of Azerbaijan is our general duty.

But know that there is a threat directed against our independence. Nobody should calm down. We should prevent this threat. We should not admit it. And for this purpose not only the state or people, but also each diligent citizen should understand, know that today and the future of our independence depends on consolidation of Azerbaijan people, determination of Azerbaijan people to protect the independence. I am confident that each citizen hearing me will bring and should bring in the contribution to this business. I am confident that we will protect, we will keep independence of Azerbaijan and we will transfer the sovereign state possessing advanced economy and high potential to the future generations. It is a duty of each of us - both oilmen and people working in all other spheres, simple citizens. It is a duty of the Azerbaijan state. It is a duty of the President of Azerbaijan. You can be sure that highly appreciating the trust rendered to me, I will carry out this duty up to the end of my life with honor.

Glory to the Azerbaijan oilmen!

Long live free, independent Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan!