Speech of the Azerbaijan President Heydar Aliyev at the ceremony held in the American Embassy in connection with the terrorist action taken place on September 11 in the United States of America - December 11, 2001

Dear Mister Ambassador!

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Monstrous acts of terrorism taken place three months ago on September 11 in New York and Washington cities of the United States of America, have shaken not only the people of the United States of America, but also peaceful people all over the world, including Azerbaijan people. These events have caused our indignation and once again demonstrated that the international terrorism and terrorism as a whole is dangerous to humanity and to a human society.

We have at once raised our voice of protest in connection with these awful terrorist actions, declared the solidarity with people and the state of the United States of America. We have joined the struggle carried by the United States of America against the international terrorism and have declared that we were in alliance, in one coalition with the United States of America.

Today I once again declare that Azerbaijan people who long years suffered from the terrorism causing to it considerable damage, always opposed terrorism and today it is the supporter of eradication of terrorism all over the world, no matter where it exists and supports all measures taken by the United States of America in this direction.

With feeling of satisfaction it is possible to note that the operations carried out by the United States of America for the last three months against the international terrorism already yield the positive results and are successful. We hope that these operations will be proceeded henceforth, and the terrorism will be eradicated everywhere in the world.

Today we once again declare our solidarity with people of the United States of America, we share their sorrow and we notify that we have been strongly depressed of these events till now. May God rest the soul of victims. We wish patience to the families and relatives of the lost people.

We say \"No!\" to terrorism, the international terrorism and we declare that we will always combat against this evil.

Thank you.