To the President of Russian Federation - His Excellency Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin - May 9, 1995

Dear Boris Nikolayevich!

I congratulate you and the Russian people cordially on the 50th anniversary of the victory over the fascism in the World War II on behalf of the Azerbaijani people and on my own behalf.

The memory of heroism which has strengthened the centuries-old historical relations between our peoples still lives and will live in our hearts.

At present Russia and Azerbaijan are marching along a hard road for building a democratic state, they both live in the hard transition period and the anniversary of this great victory reminds us the glorious friendship and cooperation relations between our peoples once more.

I believe that we will overcome all difficulties with joint efforts and gain peace and stability in our region and provide a worthy life for our citizens.

I congratulate you on the occasion of the victory once more, and wish you and the Russian people good health, happiness and nice days.

I ask you to give my best regards and gratitiudes to the Russian veterans of the Great Patriotic war.

With best regards,

Heydar Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.