OSCE Minsk group

International mission of OSCE to mediate for peaceful solution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. In the first additional meeting of the foreign ministers of CSCE in Helsinki on March 24, 1992 it was decided to call a conference in Minsk for the solution of the conflict. The conference was to include the following participating states: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Turkey and the USA. The Minsk conference failed to be held because of the aggression of Armenia, and the body formed for the mediation by those countries was named the Minsk Group. On December 5-6, 1994, the Budapest Summit decided to establish a co-chairmanship for the process. The group is implied to be headed by several countries, not one. The first co-chairs were Russia and Sweden, then Russia and Finland. Since 1997, the USA, Russia and France have been chairing the Minsk Group