Letter of congratulation by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev to People`s Artist Elbey Rzaguliyev – Baku, June 19, 1998

Honorable Elbey Rzaguliyev!

I cordially congratulate you, a prominent Azerbaijani artist on the occasion of your birthday and of the 50th anniversary of your creative activity.

You are recognized as an artist, who distinguishes for your individual style and creates interesting works in different genres. Your works on historical themes and native nature make up an important portion of your activities. Your paintings glorifying men of labor are real annals of constructions works carried out in Azerbaijan. Your series dedicated to the old and modern Baku describes the unique beauty of our capital and are of special importance for every Azerbaijani. The portraits you have created with your ability to penetrate into the inner world, psychology of characters call on to perceive thoughts, feelings, contradictory and rich spiritual qualities of the modern man. The paintings depicting lifestyle and nature of other countries also prove your thematic diversity. You are known as a stage director, who has contributed his skills to the development of national cinematography. As a stage director and clothing designer, you played an important role in the success of the pearly of Azerbaijani cinematography, most notably Arshin Mal Alan (Cloth Peddler), Ögey ana (Stepmother), Görüş (Meeting), Sevil. Many drafts you created for films have repeatedly been exhibited as independent works due to their artistic value.

The path of such a master as you is a great example for the generation of young artists. I am confident that with your news works, you will gladden your admirers and enrich Azerbaijani fine art. I wish you good health and new successes

Heydar Aliyev,

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan