Statement of Heydar Aliyev, executor of the powers of the President of the Republic of ‎Azerbaijan, Baku, July 5, 1993‎

I appealed to the USA, Russia, Turkey, the UNO, the CSCE and other states to take necessary measures against the aggression of Armenia by drawing their attention into the situation which has emerged as a result of the intensive attacks of the military troops of Armenian. As they were the initiators of the peaceful solution of the Karabakh conflict I called then to make Armenia to fulfill resolution of the Security Council of the United Nations 822.

As you know, chairman of the Minsk Group of CSCE Mr. Rafaely had to visit Azerbaijan on July 5 . The high officials of our government aid all the necessary preparations and accepted his program. Unfortunatly the ambassadors, that is, the countries which they represented have not taken necessary measures. By declaring it, I tell you that the attacks of the Armenian military troops to the territory of Azerbaijan have not stopped, but expanded on July 4-5.

Therefore, we do not know what have of the USA, Russia, and Turkey done in this regard? Along with it, we cherished great hope to the visit of Mr. Rafaely to Azerbaijan. We hoped that, the visit of Mr. Rafaely to Azerbaijan and realization of the intended program will stop the aggression of the Armenian military forces. But, unfortunately they informed us that Mr. Rafaely will not come to Baku and postponed his visit. We do not know the reasons of his decision. We can not understand his decision and express our dissatisfaction, anxiety. Later we learned that Mr. Rafaely postponed his visit after the information of foreign agencies about the invasion of Agdam by the Armenians. If great diplomatic, political decisions depend on such false information of various agencies, it only surprises us, and we can not understand it. Thus, the retreat of Mr. Rafaelly from his plan and his very significant visit mean that CSCE isolates itself from its mission in the settlement of the conflict, and oblige us to fight alone with Armenia. It is a blow to the peaceful solution of the conflict and means the intensification of the war in the region. It is absolutely impossible to reconcile with such a situation. The USA, Russia, Turkey must fulfill their missions and keep their promises. The attitude of the ambassadors of this countries to this problem after the second of July can not satisfy us. If the hegemon states took the initiative and propose to the government of Azerbaijan the peaceful solution of the Nagorno-Karasbakh conflict, then they also should fulfill their duties We ask the Security Council of the United Nations to take necessary measures by using its power and opportunities.

Since the second of July some villages, settlements were invaded, destroyed, burned Armenian military troops. A large number of people were killed, others left their homes and now are homeless and live in hard conditions. Undoubtedly, it proves the aggressive position of Armenia today. We want to declare that we tried to use all the possible methods for the peaceful solution of the conflict. I personally rang the officials of the Republic of Armenia, ambassador of special commission of Russia V.Kazimirov, the ambassador of the USA, and Turkey in Azerbaijan, and asked them to stop the aggression of Armenia immediately, and proposed the peaceful solution of the conflict. But with no results, the bloody battles in the direction of Agdam, Fuzili, and Cabrail are still going on.

We ask everyone to fill his duties in such critical situation. No one, especially the representatives of foreign countries present here must know that the aggression of the Armenian military troops continues, and it must not be estimated otherwise. I hope that the big states should take their decisive measures. Completing my statement I want to declare once more that we wait for Mr. Rafaely urgently come to Azerbaijan, and on our part we guarantee to help him to fulfill his mission. But this guarantee must be given by both two sides. If in reality the Republic of Armenia and its forces in the Nugorno-Karabakh want a peaceful settlement of the conflict, they should guarantee it. Three big countries such as the USA, Russia, Turkey and the UNO should exert pressure on Armenia to give such a guarantee to Mr. Rafaely.

Translated from the newspaper ''Azerbaijan '' July 6, 1993