Speech of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev at the opening ceremony of services "Azerbaijani International Youth Postal Service" and "Line of Help to Children" in Baku with the initiative of the representation office of UNICEF in Azerbaijan - July 23, 1997

Ladies and gentlemen!

Today we have assembled here thanks to the initiative of UNICEF in Azerbaijan. In general, UNICEF was established for doing good deeds, taking care of the youth, solving the problems of children. I am very satisfied that UNICEF functions effectively in Azerbaijan. We witnessed many good deeds of UNESCO done in Azerbaijan. The activity of UNICEF in Azerbaijan gladdens us; I highly appreciate this activity. Today UNICEF presents us its project prepared for a long time. Establishment of the youth postal service and confidence telephone line in Azerbaijan are new projects. They are of great significance. I want to note the social feature and significance of these projects.

The main feature of this work is care for the youth, especially the youth facing difficulties. Thus, the work presented here demonstrates the humanism of UNESCO, and its penetration into different spheres of life. Its relation to the "Declaration of Children`s Rights" and their humanist feature show significance of UNICEF and the work presented here. I congratulate the representation of UNICEF in Azerbaijan on the youth postal service and confidence telephone line and wish good luck.

I think that this work will set an example for doing such works in Azerbaijan and organizations and companies both in private and public sectors will put such initiatives forward.

From the beginning up to the implementation, this work was supported by foreign companies and organizations, as well as by the public and private organizations in Azerbaijan. The representative of UNICEF in Azerbaijan Mr. Laurent thanked the heads of organizations, bodies and ministries. I also thank all the organizations and people, who helped the establishment and implementation of this work.

I thank UNESCO and its representation in Azerbaijan. I hope that being encouraged UNICEF will expand its activity in Azerbaijan and raise new initiatives. Azerbaijan has a lot of socio-economic problems.

Period of transformation, existence of over one million our citizens because of the Armenian military aggression against Azerbaijan and their living in tents increase such problems. We work hard for the solution of socio-economic problems, abolition of difficulties, improvement of welfare of people, and we have achieved certain results. But we still need the aid of international organizations and companies in Azerbaijan.

We see the well-wishing initiatives not only of UNESCO, but of other organizations, companies, oil companies as well.

All this develops our cooperation and creates a new stage in the solution of the socio-economic problems in Azerbaijan. They are realities of Azerbaijan, features of positive processes going on in Azerbaijan. I am sure that these positive processes will develop more rapidly.

Our cooperation with the world countries and international organizations are expanding and will expand helping the development of Azerbaijan.

I congratulate you on this significant event and wish you good luck. Thank you.